Can a Nonprofit Organization Require Board Members to Donate?
September 22, 2022

The simple answer is yes it can (and many do), but perhaps the bigger question is whether an organization really wants (or needs) to impose such a mandate?  It is legally permissible for a nonprofit organization to require its directors to…

Fundraising and Timing Issues for Newly Formed Nonprofit Organizations
December 13, 2019

Startup nonprofits often face a tough fundraising challenge during their first year or two of existence. The organization desperately wants to begin operations in pursuit of its charitable mission before they receive formal approval of their…

Donations to Individuals and Families: Generous, Yes, Tax-Deductible, No
October 21, 2019

People often ask about making donations to support individuals or families victimized by a tragedy, medical emergency, or natural disaster, and are surprised to learn that gifts earmarked for specific individuals are not tax deductible as charitable…