Raising Capital & Regulation D Private Offerings

Entrepreneurs often find it helpful, if not necessary, to raise capital from outside investors.

Friends and family investors, angel investors, private equity or venture capital investors, or retail investors in a syndicated program are all possible sources of investment capital. However, once a business owner goes down the road of taking on investors and “other people’s money,” the owner has likely made the decision, consciously or not, to become subject to federal and state securities laws.

Perkins Law offers flat-fee services that protect sponsors and investors.

  • Chairing national committee for the Real Estate Investment Securities Association
  • Syndicated LLCs
  • Tenant-in-common (TIC) programs
  • REITs
  • Funds
  • Promissory note programs
  • Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)
  • Basic corporate stock offerings.