Virginia Contract Law

By definition, a contract is a promise that is legally enforceable.

Agreeing to a contract or simply downloading a form agreement off the internet can be very dangerous if you do not fully understand the language and the terms and conditions therein.

For transactions or relationships of any degree of importance, parties would be well advised to put their agreement in writing.

What are the primary benefits of a professionally written contract?

  • A clear road map for the transaction
  •  An allocation of risk to the party best able to address that risk (or the party with less bargaining leverage)
  •  Reducing the risk of costly litigation if questions or problems arise
  •  Increasing the probability that the parties’ business objectives will be achieved
  •  Promoting compliance with applicable law
  •  Positioning the parties for greater efficiency and profitability

Whether you’re negotiating the purchase of a business, a noncompete agreement with an executive employee, or terms of co-ownership of a house with a domestic partner, Perkins Law can help you memorialize your deal in a written agreement that will help you enjoy the intended benefits of your bargain.