Employment Agreements

Bring clarity to high-stakes arrangements

Employers often desire to have written employment agreements with senior executives and other key employees for a variety of reasons:

  • Clarify terms and conditions of employment
  • Memorialize special compensation arrangements not available to other employees
  •  Protect the employer and its assets from competition upon termination of the employment relationship
  •  Recruit top talent
  • Demonstrate a higher level of commitment and loyalty to a valued employee
  •  Provide a key employee with an added level of job security

The reasons are limited only by the imaginations of the contracting parties. Because written employment agreements are typically reserved for very special, high-level relationships, the stakes are usually high and both sides would be well advised to have legal counsel participate in the process.

Poorly written agreements create confusion, miscommunication, mistrust, and disputes.

Avoid These Issues and Achieve Clarity