Are You Buying a Franchise?

Get the legal support you need for franchising success at an affordable flat-rate.

If you’re buying an existing franchised business from its current owner or starting a new franchised business by dealing directly with a franchisor, there are a host of state and federal laws you’ll have to navigate.

Perkins Law offers a flat-fee package of services to help better position prospective franchisees to make informed and pragmatic decisions when it comes to selecting a franchise.

The Package Includes

  • Initial brainstorming session discussing your business objectives, the basics of federal and state franchise law, common traits of successful franchisees, common franchising myths and misconceptions, and good resources for prospective franchisees;
  • Confirmation of the franchisor’s registration status with the Virginia Division of Securities and Retail Franchising;
  • Review and analysis of the franchisor’s FDD, including “big picture” issues to consider, specific “red flags” or other atypical disclosure items that should be clarified or discussed further with the franchisor;
  • Review and analysis of the Franchise Agreement, including suggested revisions to negotiate with the franchisor;
  • Assistance (upon request) negotiating changes with the franchisor;
  • Guidance on additional due diligence or follow up before making a final decision on a particular franchise system;
  • E-mail and telephone consultations throughout the review and negotiation process—up until you decide either to take a pass on a particular franchise opportunity or sign a Franchise Agreement.
  • Assistance with business entity formations, commercial lease negotiations, loan closings, business succession and basic estate planning, and other legal matters is also available for new franchisees, (separate fees apply).

Are you considering buying or starting your own franchise?

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