Can a Nonprofit Organization Include Paid Staff as Voting Members of the Board of Directors?
September 30, 2019

Virginia law does not prohibit employees from serving on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization for which they work. But while it may be legal, it is relatively unusual for charities to have paid staff on the board on not considered…

Quorum Requirements in Nonprofit Bylaws
May 24, 2019

Question: Our nonprofit board frequently struggles with questions about quorum requirements in our Bylaws and what is required by law, can you help us understand what the law requires? Answer: The good news is that nonprofit organizations…

What Can Members of a Nonprofit Organization Do When the Board of Directors Violates the Bylaws?
November 13, 2018

The board of a nonprofit organization presided over a membership meeting and announced that a quorum was present at the members meeting, knowing that no quorum existed, and then let the results of the ensuing vote on a controversial issue stand.…