Virginia Nonprofits Should Pay Attention to the #MeToo Movement

Probably safe to say we are experiencing a tipping point in American society’s attitudes toward sexual harassment.  As the #MeToo movement expands and more people are willing to come forward to report their experiences, nonprofit organizations need to be ready to respond.  Harassment is not a new phenomenon in and of itself, but the climate for reporting and responding to such reports is dramatically changing right before our eyes.  The liability risk to a nonprofit organization and its leaders from a harassment scandal could be devastating.

Nonprofit organizations across Virginia should revisit their efforts to deter and prevent harassment of all types. They should have clear and concise policies that are communicated to their employees (and volunteers).  They should be prepared to investigate claims of improper conduct in a professional manner to protect the interests of all concerned.  If you discover that your organization does not have an anti-harassment policy or you have other concerns, please reach out to Eric Perkins for a free consultation.

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