#RVABizLaw: The Big Three

Last Friday’s RMA Friday Forum breakfast at The Westin was as festive and informative as always, featuring Snagajob’s Kristi McKissick and Christy Conner sharing insights from the company’s recent annual survey of hourly workers. The “Big 3” takeaways for me were:

1. The largest age group of hourly workers is actually Gen X, and while most of us are justifiably thrilled with the low unemployment rate today, we should keep in mind that the UNDEREMPLOYMENT rate is 7% and over 1/3 of workers are seeking more hours.

2. What do workers value most today? It appears that more money and flexibility (in terms of scheduling) are at the top of the list.

3. A great statistic for small business owners to remember concerning employee turnover, the estimated cost of replacing a worker is $2,000. Tangible evidence of the economic value of devoting sufficient resources to recruiting, hiring, and retaining great people.

Great presentation concluding with a lively Q & A with the audience!

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