How to Build It Before You Need It: Your Personal Brand, Network, and Relationships

Many first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners sheepishly admit that they are bad at marketing. But marketing is involved in every facet of being a business owner—not only do you have to sell your product or service, but you also have to sell yourself to your clients. Today, the Community of Legal Innovators invited Itzik Amiel to shed light on how crucial marketing—through personal branding, networking, and relationships—is to reach the next level of success. Here are the top 3 pearls of wisdom Amiel shared:

  1. Treat connections like diamonds. While we cannot maintain every connection that we make in our lifetimes, make sure that you follow up with new connections and maintain significant existing ones. Amiel recommends organizing and managing your connections to ensure that you reach out to your “diamonds.”
  2. You are an expert (in at least one thing). Whether you are really good at dancing or baking, everyone is better than others in at least one thing—making you an expert. And you can become an expert in something else by doing at least one activity per day, week, or month to build your expertise over time.
  3. Do not be afraid to specialize. Remember: A jack of all trades is a master of none. The more specialized you are, the more your services tend to be valued.

Amiel said that everyone already has their own existing personal brand, network, and relationships. So, even if you believe you are “bad” at marketing, you are already doing it. And marketing is crucial to your success. It is time to start being intentional and investing more in our marketing skills.

A big thank you to the Community of Legal Innovators and Itzik Amiel for an energized and fascinating presentation. To learn more about Itzik Amiel and how to build your personal brand, click here.

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