Fun Workshop on Tennis Rules and Sportsmanship

Special thanks to Raintree Swim & Racquet Club (Eddie and Stacey Parker, Brian Fleishman, and Catherine DeSouza) for inviting me to speak at today’s luncheon about tennis rules and sportsmanship.  A festive group of nearly three dozen league players peppered me with questions about tennis rules, league regulations, and general topics of tennis etiquette and sportsmanship.   Two lucky trivia question winners went home with their very own copy of the 2019 edition of a booklet published by the USTA containing the ITF Rules of Tennis and the Code–The Players Guide to Fair Play and the Unwritten Rules of Tennis.  So many strange things can happen during a hard fought match, it pays to be prepared to know what the applicable rule is in any given situation.

Did you know that Eric Perkins is available to speak (at no cost) at your club or organization about the basics (or not-so-basics) of tennis rules.  Just part of our community outreach effort to promote greater awareness and understanding of tennis rules and sportsmanship.  Contact us anytime to discuss details or to request a sample tennis rules quiz to test your knowledge.

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