Does Your Nonprofit Have a Social Media Policy?

The recent controversy involving an Atlee softball team abruptly disqualified from the Little League World Series for an unsportsmanlike Snapchat post should be considered as a call to action for all nonprofit organizations to examine their policies and procedures with respect to social media.  What would your organization do in a similar situation in which a board member, key employee, or event participant posted something on social media that others considered offensive, inappropriate, unsportsmanlike, or otherwise in violation of the organization’s policies, standards, or image?  It is frightening to consider how easily these situations can arise and the turmoil that can follow.  A nonprofit can go a long way toward reducing the stress, uncertainty, and negative backlash from such a controversy by having a written policy or procedure in place to provide a framework for dealing with these unfortunate events  when they occur, while also helping reduce the risk of such problems arising in the first place through education, outreach, and effective communication.  For more on social media policies for nonprofits click here.


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