Millions of small businesses are currently operating with no formal business structure in place–exposing the owner to unlimited personal liability and limiting future business growth and marketability in the process.  While sole proprietorships are very common and offer a tremendous level of simplicity, when one takes a holistic view and long-term approach to maximizing the value of a business enterprise, one is hard pressed to question the wisdom of converting to a business entity such as a limited liability company (LLC).  By conducting business through an LLC, an entrepreneur can reduce risk of personal liability, maximize asset protection, and come across to suppliers, lenders, potential joint venture partners, investors, and customers with a greater sense of professionalism.

The conversion process is simple, involves little paperwork, and in most cases will have not be a taxable event to the owner.  Perkins Law is pleased to offer a flat fee package for LLC startups (including sole proprietorship conversions), so if you are a Virginia business owner operating as a sole proprietor and looking to reduce your risk and take your business to the next level, reach out to us for a free brainstorming session.