Some media and marketing experts will tell you the best marketing for your business will often come for free.  Referrals and testimonials from satisfied customers obviously come to mind.  But don’t underestimate the value of traditional media (not social media, but newspapers, trade journals, periodicals, and other print and online publications).  I recently came across a cool website ( that specializes in matching media professionals (authors, reporters, TV producers) with people looking to share their expertise and experiences on a wide variety of topics.  A business owner or professional can register on the HARO web site and each day he or she will receive an e-mail listing media inquiries on a virtually unlimited collection of topics.  If you see something that interests you or that you feel you can contribute something of value, then you choose that topic by reply e-mail and await a follow-up from the media person who posted the inquiry.  It is that simple.  A small investment of your time can result in a growing portfolio of quotes in prominent publications around the world, building your personal brand as an expert in your field.