Book Recommendation for First-Time Franchise Owners – Street Smart Franchising

A recommended book for anyone wanting a pragmatic crash course on franchising — Street Smart Franchising by Joe Mathews, Don DeBolt, and Deb Percival. This book offers excellent advice on all aspects of building a successful franchised business. The authors do a fantastic job identifying and addressing key concerns shared by many first-time franchise owners. Here are three main takeaways from the book that are relevant for all small business owners:

  1. Always ensure that you are budgeting time for learning and skill development.
  2. No pain, no gain. Pain is a sign of progress, a sign of winning. Buying a franchise is no guarantee of success. It still requires hard work and dedication to build a profitable business—franchised or not.
  3. Plan your day and work your plan. Forget what happened yesterday.

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