15 Things to Do When You Hire Your First Employee

For every Virginia small business owner or entrepreneur, it is a special moment when you realize that it is time to hire your first employee.  It is no longer just you earning a living for yourself.  You are now entering new territory, adding new jobs to the economy and enabling another human being to earn a living to support himself or herself.  This is part of the American dream and a key stepping stone for any small business.  It is also a big step from a legal and compliance perspective and ignorance of the law is no excuse.  Noncompliance with applicable employment laws is rampant in the small business community, and the cost of noncompliance can be devastating to a small business owner.  Attached is a short article summarizing things for a small business owner to keep in mind when hiring his or her first employee.  Contact the Perkins Law team anytime with questions.

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